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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lookbook: Wingbacks, the Comeback Kid

So I am rounding the bend on my husbands awesome purple wingback chair (that I am doing in my class) and have been trolling for inspiration. In doing such, I have learned that the wingback is back...

My husband better not see this one...he wanted me to change the wings on his chair to make them more exaggerated, and I have a feeling this is exactly what he had in mind

There is a wingback for everyone! You could go with something (not so) minimalistic...

Or small... (btw, I'm a little obsessed with Dwell Studio)

 Or go with a classic shape and a fun graphic print! (Left, Right)

Or you can salvage a sad plaid like this:
and get this handsome fella (who was actually painted! and not re-upholstered. awesome)!

1 comment:

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