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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Anthro Inspired Book

I saw a whole series of book displays at Anthropologie in Boise, ID a couple of years ago and was completely inspired to add some book art to my house. Only, it took 2 years and 3 moves to finally do something about it...

This is what I saw in the store:
and I thought, I could make that! So here we go!

First, the supplies you will need to collect:
Old hardcover book (our Re-store usually has them for free)
Exacto Knife or Razor Blade
Elmers or Hot Glue
Calculator or Pencil/Paper
Small Hook
Fishing Line

1.) Start by going to the last page in your book (600 for me) and dividing the number of loops you want on the top row (7). (I ended up with one extra because I left the blank back page)

So for me, there were 85 pages to each section of which I only wanted to keep 5 pages.  

 2.) Now we start cutting! Start at the beginning of the book, count 5 pages, then cut out each section amount - 5 (for me this was 80 pages. 85-5 = 80)

Just run the exacto knife along the seam of the book and remove the pages you don't want! (like tearing pages out of a coloring book) The pages will be easier to remove as you go

 3.) Time to glue! Take a section of pages still attached to the book spine and apply some Elmers or hot glue. I personally think hot glue will work better for this, but I was out of glue sticks :)

fold the pages over and glue, being careful not to put a crease in your pages.

Now use a couple of pieces of tape to secure the top page to the seam. It might last longer if you use box tape or if you wanted to take the time, you could glue the edge of each page to the next to exclude the use of tape.

4.) Collect 3-5 page sections that are still connected by bookbinding glue and tape or glue them into loops (again being careful not to crease the pages)

5.) Now get creative!! With the book laying open, take your loops and tape or glue them in-between the base set of loops until you get a pattern or series that you like. It  is easier to glue the sides of the loops (more surface area)

You can also glue the tops of some loops and fan each page down to make smaller raining loops.

Now just string 2 pieces of fishing line along the spine to hold the book open and hang from a hook in the ceiling :)

Decorate your reading nook, hang several around a light to create an eye-catching centerpiece or can use old children's books for a fun mobile in a baby's room! Oh the possibilities!

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