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Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Favorite Resource Pages

A handy list of my favorite pages

DIY Upholstery Supply: The site can be a little difficult to navigate, but it has a wealth of information, and is a great resource for finding the professional tools you need to get started!

ModHomeEc: I found this after taking my class (unfortunately). This is another AMAZING lady who has upholstery tutorials and tips for creating fun, modern furniture!

Jenny Komenda Interiors: (or little green notebook) I knew I wanted to add this to my favs after looking at it for 5 min. She has ACCURATE tutorials! using proper upholstery techniques, with simple instructions and TONS of pictures! yay!!! and interior design ideas :)

Spruce Austin: The hip ladies (and Gentlefellas?) at Spruce in Austin have a keen artistic eye to reinvent furniture. They currently have a few videos on youtube and have recently released a series of DVDs (for a great price!) to help give you the confidence you need to start that project.

Three Boys: A work from home mom who goes for it! She did 30 Days of upholstery last October that has some great vids (plus she does lots of other fun projects)!

Anna White: A stay at home mom who is a literal homemaker (home-builder) with free step-by-step furniture building plans complete with cut lists and finishing tutorials (her site used to be called knock-off wood, but had to be changed because of angry big box stores)

Find a Class: Here is the original post I found when looking for an upholstery class near me. It has 16 major cities listed, plus a few extras in the comments.

Color Combos: I know this website is intended for paint colors, but it is a great resource for color combinations if you care to mix and match fabrics on your furniture to make a real stand out piece.

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